Live the island dream on Aore Island Vanuatu

Real estate in Vanuatu is like gold dust, because you don’t often see such quality locations coming onto the market and when they do, they are snapped up very quickly.

Have you ever wanted to live on your own private and secluded tropical paradise?

Well, Aore Island is one of Vanuatu’s 82 magical Pacific Islands set in warm turquoise blue waters, with glistening sandy beaches and overflowing with happy, friendly people.

Vanuatu’s lifestyle is so laid back, in 2006 it was voted the happiest place on earth. With warm tropical weather for most of the year, beautiful coral reefs, swaying palm trees, lush vegetation, shipwreck diving, an abundance of fishing and hiking, a diverse variety of indigenous cultures and a wonderful array of food, Vanuatu is a little slice of heaven.

Aore Island Living

Aore is one of the most beautiful of the Pacific Islands, still retaining its natural beauty, its pristine beaches and its fabulously clear water. Just imagine owning your own waterfront real estate in Vanuatu, because on Aore Island this dream can become a reality.

Roughly 60km2, Aore Island lies just south of Vanuatu’s largest island (Espiritu Santo) and is opposite Luganville on the mainland. The main industry throughout Vanuatu is tourism, and as the majority of villages are self-sufficient, the locals either make a living with tourism or cash-crop farming.

On Aore Island, living is tranquil and unassuming with coconut plantations, numerous small local farms, plenty of fishing and diving and lots of blue ocean to explore.
There is a resort and spa at the northern end of the island, but other than that there are no towns or commercial industry on Aore. Just a simple lifestyle with friendly locals and your boat tied up at the end of your jetty, close to your holiday house in Vanuatu.

Getting around Aore Island

The international airport at Espiritu Santo is only 20 minutes from Aore and a direct flight to Sydney takes only 3.5 hours. So flying to your island paradise takes less time than flying from Sydney to Perth!

From the airport you can take a 10 minute taxi ride to Luganville on the mainland and then hop on a ferry for the short 15 minute trip across the Segond Channel to your luxury island retreat, which is less than 3km off the mainland.

There is no public transportation on the island and locals usually travel around the island using pushbikes, kayaks or simply by walking.

The benefits of living in Vanuatu

  • There is no personal or corporate tax in Vanuatu, so you keep what you earn.
  • They speak both English and French, so living on Aore means that you can brush up on your French.
  • Land for sale in Vanuatu is very rare, so the islands will always retain their natural beauty.
  • Vanuatu has lots of great restaurants, offering local and international cuisine.
  • There is an active nightlife with plenty of nightclubs, pubs and discos for the young at heart.
  • Vanuatu offers many cultural festivals, dances and celebrations throughout the year.
  • Vanuatu living includes relaxing at the numerous country clubs on the main island and playing a round or two of golf.
  • There is plenty of shopping, markets and bazaars on the mainland.

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