Lapita Beach

Lapita Culture The Name Sake Of Lapita Beach

Lapita culture, cultural complex of what were presumably the original human settlers of Melanesia, much of Polynesia, and parts of Micronesia, and dating between 1600 and 500 BCE. It is named for a type of fired pottery that was first extensively investigated at the site of Lapita in New Caledonia. Lapita Culture Map The Lapita people were originally from Taiwan and other regions of East Asia. They...

Coconut Oil and Fat Loss

Coconut Oil and Fat Loss – Real or Hype? I’m sure that you’ve become aware of the advantages of cooking with and consuming olive oil, however, have you been exposed to the fantastic health and weight-loss advantages of coconut oil?   This tropical oil is made from the dried fruit of the coconut palm tree, which is described as “The Tree of Life” in Asia and the Pacific Islands due to...

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