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Lapita is an eco-friendly residential/resort development located on one of the most beautiful South Pacific’s most beautiful tropical coastlines. Surrounded by aquamarine waters with some 700 acres of lush green coconut plantation, Lapita’s luxury resort and residential villa development cover the entire western portion of Aore Island. Lapita Plantation has around 6 kilometers of coral-fringed coastline that feature pristine white sand beaches, graceful coconut palms, and warm tropical waters. The entire Lapita development embraces ecologically sustainable development principles and commitment to architectural harmony, taking in the natural beauty of the surrounding islands and low environment. Pekoa International Airport on Espiritu Santo is only 20 minutes away.

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Real Estate Agent In Vanuatu

Matthew Woon

Salesman, Lapita Beach Aore Island

Matthew Woon is the principal of Northern Vanuatu Real Estate & has had extensive experience in the real estate industry in Oceania.

Contact Matthew today if you’re looking to buy, sell, or need some advice on investing in Vanuatu real estate.

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At first I was a bit nervous about buying land in Vanuatu but Matthew completely put us at ease. The fact that this not just land that is being sold by developer its also his home gave confidence to us. Every part of the buying process was made easy by Matthew and his team. We feel like we are part of a family like community at Lapita.
by Justin de Wet
I realize now that I made a wonderful decision 12 years ago. I moved here on my own and built and my dreams became reality. Aore has a great bunch of people, friends, expats and especially Ni-vanuatu. Santo and other islands has some great destinations. Explorations and culture beyond imagination. But Aore has been likened to the new Caribbean. I love calling it home.
by Michelle Morris

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