Aore Island Vanuatu

Welcome to your hidden gem in paradise. Aore Island. Leave your cares behind; relax, revitalise and recharge your batteries on the beautiful island of Aore, where you wake up to the sound of waves gently lapping the shore. You think it's a dream, but look out the window and you see that it's actually true! Just a couple of steps and you are swimming in crystal clear warm water surrounded by beautiful...

How to grow a coral garden by hand in Vanuatu

How to grow a coral garden by hand in Vanuatu Mention gardening in Vanuatu and what usually springs to mind are images of people tending their crops of taro, yams, and other edible foods, or maybe working their kava plots. Visit some islands across Vanuatu and you will discover a very different kind of gardening taking place: coral gardening. Instead of producing a crop for consumption or market, coral...

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