Aore Island Adventure Holiday

The Aore Island Vanuatu Adventure Holiday Package promises an outstanding vacation experience that perfectly combines relaxation and excitement. Each day is filled with a mix of activities, from embarking on a thrilling 4WD journey through Lapita Plantation Aore Island to engaging in snorkelling adventures in a private marine reserve, and ending with a delightful beach BBQ and bonfire. Here’s a glimpse of the itinerary: 

Day 1: Begin your journey with a smooth arrival at Lapita Beach House by fast long boat service, where the friendly Lapita staff will greet you on your own private beach with refreshing coconuts. As night falls, enjoy a beachfront bonfire and witness the breathtaking sunsets.

Day 2: Start your day with a relaxing long boat ride to Nemo Bay for an exciting snorkelling experience in the exclusive marine sanctuary. Lunch awaits at a picturesque spot, after which a 4WD vehicle will take you back through jungle trails and Lapita Plantation.

Lapita Beach House Vanuatu

Day 3: Explore the scenic East Coast of Espiritu Santo alongside Anthony, your knowledgeable guide. Discover attractions like the Blue Holes, Champagne Beach, and Port Olry at your own pace, with Anthony providing tailored guidance to suit your interests.”

Day 4: take the opportunity to relax and take in the scenery. Throughout the day, you can choose to enjoy a peaceful fishing trip at sunset or a calm coastal cruise around Aore Island, delighting in the stunning sunset with the distant Cumberland Mountain Range as a picturesque backdrop.

If you are thinking about planning a trip to Espritu Santo or Aore Island, let us assist you in customising your journey, covering all aspects from accommodations to exciting day tours.

Should you have any questions about The Aore Island Vanuatu Adventure Holiday Package  you are welcome to contact the Lapita team through WhatsApp at +6785980005 or via email at [email protected]. Further details can be found on the following websites: Tourism:  Real Estate: The dedicated Lapita

team strives to ensure that your time in Vanuatu is both memorable and enjoyable. Reach out to them to arrange a tailored exploration of the offerings at Lapita Beach Aore Island and the nearby island of Espritu Santo.

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