A Guide to Your First Vanuatu Holiday

Dreaming about the clear azure waters, luscious tropical jungle and friendly welcoming of the locals in Vanuatu? Here are some handy guidelines for travelling to “the place that time forgot.” Before you go:

What to pack

Chances are, you’ll get wet – really wet! As an island nation, surrounded by water, we have amazing activities everywhere, so pack plenty of swimwear and basic snorkel equipment. You may even want to bring along an underwater camera to capture our majestic and easily accessible dive sites. Active clothing is a must if you are looking to get out and explore some of our intrepid jungle surroundings. Insect repellent will do you a world of good, so make sure it’s in your bag. We also have a wet season – don’t forget an umbrella if you travel here in our summer months (November to April.)

How to get there and around

You can fly directly to Vanuatu from five countries around the Pacific – Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia and The Solomon Islands. If you’re travelling from further afield, you will have to catch a connecting flight from one of these stops! Tip: Keep an eye out for off-season flight specials to hop around the islands. Vanuatu is made up of 83 islands, so chances are you will want to get out and explore some of them. A boat ride between islands can be a great photo opportunity, while you mix and mingle with the friendly locals!

Air Vanuatu operates direct and indirect international flights to and from Vanuatu.  Check out the schedules to plan your journey.

While you’re there

Where to stay

Depending on your budget, Vanuatu has the whole spectrum when it comes to accommodation. Lounge around (drink in hand) at one of our stunning beach-side resorts, mingle with other backpackers in a vibrant hostel or experience true local “Kastom” and stay with a local! We have plenty of friendly faces who may offer a spare room or bed.

What to do

Saving the best for last – our islands are vibrant, full of interesting and intriguing things to do. Explore the jungle and adventure to the mysterious Millenium Cave, where a world of discovery and hidden wonder awaits. Catch a natural fireworks display on Tanna Island as Mt Yasur, the world’s most accessible active volcano illuminates the night sky. Relax on the aptly-named Champagne Beach, a white sand paradise, or dive into the water for world-class reef and wreck dive sites.

We know wherever your Vanuatu adventure may take you, the diversity of our nation will not only fill your itineraries but your photo albums and memories too!

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