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Purchasing Property in Vanuatu

When purchasing land in Vanuatu it is recommend to use a buyers agent to handle the leasing requirements of rural and native land. Our team can help guide you through the process of purchasing your home and land and the corresponding lease requirements.

Vanuatu Leasehold Land

Most land purchased in Vanuatu is Leasehold. This means that when a property is registered, it is registered as a leasehold title. 

Foreigners are allowed to purchase a leasehold property in Vanuatu. Immigration regulations state the purchasing land of a certain value entitles the purchaser to  apply for  a residency permit which allows you to permanently reside in Vanuatu and come and go as you wish.

Leasing Terms and Agreements

Vanuatu Constitution has set that the maximum term for the leasing of local land to be 75 years. Mostly all new leases these days are registered for this 75 year period including strata title leaseholds.

When you buy an existing lease, you purchase the remaining term of the leasehold. A renewal of lease can be negotiated at anytime at terms suitable for both lessee and lessor. We have assisted this process many times without difficulty.

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Our Buyers Agents have many years of experience and local knowledge under their cap and are happy to help. Are you looking to start investing in Vanuatu but have some questions? Contact us today for more information.

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