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$60,000 / From, AUD
Address: 200 Coconut Drive Lapita Plantation Aore Island Vanuatu

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hese blocks are great blocks for investors, with the growth of tourism market due to online booking in Northern Vanuatu, the market has made it clear it is looking for more 4-star, self-contained accommodation. This is superb Vanuatu real estate.

The blocks are already approved for construction of up to two stories with rooftop gardens/outdoor living. Up to 8 apartments per block. Swimming pool. Zoned commercial tourism/residential

Average lot size 1,200m2. Dimensions 30 x 40m2.
Sunset views to the west over the distant mountain range on Espiritu Santo (neighbouring Island) and spectacular views through the coconut tries across Lapita Plantation.

Vendor Finance and citizenship available on application

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do we get to Lapita Planation Aore Island Vanuatu?
    Qantas and Air Vanuatu have a direct flight from Brisbane to Espirutu Santo every Tuesday and returning on a Monday. From Sydney, Monday is a direct flight to Espiritu Santo with connecting flights back to Sydney Wednesday and Saturday. There are flights every day to the East Coast of Australia. Pekoa International Airport on Espiritu Santo is 30 minutes from Lapita.
    Brisbane to Espiritu Santo 2.5 hours
    Sydney to Espiritu Santo 4 hours including short stopover in Port Vila
    Website: Phone: 1300 780 737

It is best book direct with Qantas or Air Vanuatu, Expida, Webjet and others can send you on some strange roots

  1. Where do we stay?
    We recommend you stay at Ratua Island Resort, which is 10 minutes from Lapita. Book directly with Ratua web: Email: [email protected]
  2. How to get to Lapita from your resort or hotel?
    When you stay at Ratua Island Resort a transfer to Lapita is included, from other hotels or resorts the staff at Lapita Beach Club can organise a driver to meet you.
  3. Can Australians buy land in Vanuatu?
  4. How do I build my dream holiday home at Lapita?
    At Lapita we don’t just sell you the land and walk away. We are happy to help manage your build at no extra cost. We recommend two builders and both have extensive experience in building holiday homes for Australians in Vanuatu.
    KD Enterprise Ltd: Contact Kim Dinh email [email protected]phone: +678 37300 website
  5. How much does it cost to build?
    This is an expansive question but as a rule of thumb building cost starts at $1,300 per meter and from there the sky is the limit.
  6. Do I need insurance?
    Yes, in Northern Vanuatu storms and cyclones are not that bad, it only when they head south to they pick up speed and intensity. We strongly recommend building to Australian standards for cyclone. Insurance Aon Vanuatu
  7. Can we pay in Australian dollars?
  8. How do we get finance?
    The banks in Vanuatu are no different than Australia. You can lend in Australian dollars using your holiday home at Lapita as security. We recommend National Bank of Vanuatu
    Contact Serge Taga email: [email protected] phone: +678 22201website:
  9. What happens to our deposit?
    Lapita has Solicitors based in Sydney Australia, all deposits are paid in to their trust account
    PLN Solicitors, contact John Ridgway email [email protected] phone 02 9188 9638   website
  10. How do we find lawyer or accountant in Vanuatu?
    Barret & Partners Port Vila is a one stop shop for all your investment, accounting, immigration and conveyancing needs.
    Contact Mark Safford email: [email protected] website:
  11. What happens to my holiday home when I am not their?
    Northern Vanuatu Real Estate is happy to manage your property and rent it as a holiday let villa or you can lock it up and Lapita Private Security will look after your property for a minimal charge. Prises very with different properties and sizes.
  12. Do we need a boat?
    No, but they are fun.

How far away are schools, shops and where can I go for lunch?
For owner and there guests, Lapita’s Private Beach Cub is open for sunset drinks and BBQ’s. Within 10 minutes of Lapita they are 4 resorts that are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Schools, there are few good schools in Luganville township

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Lapita Beach Club : For exclusive use of residence and guests
Ferry Service : Ferry times 7.30 am 10.30 am 12 pm 3 pm 5 pm



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