Five acre eco lifestyle blocks for sale on the beautiful Aore Island.

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$100,000 / From AUD
Address: Ring Road Lapita Plantation Aore Island Vanuatu

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There has never been a better time to on Aore Island. The international airport is currently up graded and more flight are on the way. ( its real happening ). Don’t forget your only 2.5 hours from Brisbane.

With online book mediums  and it has now made it cost effective to open a boutique resort and get the same exposure as the big players

5 to 10 acre Lifestyle blocks zoned commercial tourism and residential. Build your perfect tropical island hobby farm or something more serious like Kava one of the highest yielding crops in the South Pacific.

All blocks have water and good roads already in and 6 km of private beach and reef five minute walk from your block.

About Aore Island

Aore Island has diving and fishing. There are numerous resorts on the island catering for tourists, weddings and baptisms. Aore Island is a haven for divers, being right on the doorstep of world class wreck and reef diving. Several of the wreck dives include the SS President Coolidge, SS Tucker, and the MV Henry Bonneaud. Whether at anchor or trolling along the pristine coastline, anglers from novice to the most experienced enjoy outstanding year-round fishing in Aore and the clear blue waters of Espiritu Santo and its neighbouring islands.

Tourism and plantations are Aore Islands main provider of employment and economic revenue.

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About Vanuatu

The beautiful nation of Vanuatu stretches across 1,300km of the South Pacific Ocean. Over 80 individual islands make it up and each fall in a north-to-south line below the Solomon Islands. Vanuatu lies to the east of Australia, northeast of New Caledonia and west of Fiji. There are 3 main tourist destinations within the Vanuatu island chain—the islands of Efate, Espiritu Santo (commonly just “Santo”) and Tanna. While there’s less of a tourism-focus on the other islands, Pentecost, Ambrym and Malekula do contain plenty of tropical wonders waiting to be discovered during Vanuatu travel and tours!

Vanuatu holidays appeal to tourists because of the country’s unique mix of unspoilt natural beauty and resort-style accommodation. There are plenty of jungle trails, villages and coastlines to explore, plus cruise ships often stop just out to sea to explore the reefs that lie below the surface of surrounding clear blue waters. Vanuatu can be easily reached from Australia. Direct flights from the east coast take under 5 hours (2 hours 45 minutes from Brisbane and 4 hours 50 from Sydney), while those from Melbourne take just over 7 hours. Flights land just outside the capital on the island of Efate. This international gateway point is also the site of domestic transfers, taking visitors on to Santo and Tanna if they choose to fly.

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