12 Coconut Drive Lapita Beach Aore Island

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$140,000 / AUD
Address: 9 Coconut Drive Lapita Beach Aore Island Vanuatu
Location: Aore Island

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Beachfront Real Estate Aore Island

12 Coconut Drive Aore Island, is situated on Lapita Beach Aore Island. The block has 30 meters of waterfront.The beach has a few scared coral heads with nice sand beach. There is a small coral reef in front which offers privacy and truly beautiful snorkelling and swimming.  A marine playground at your door step. Turtles, Dugong and colourful reef fish in abundance.


The block it self is 30 x 40 meters giving you an area of 1,211m2. From the beach the block gently slopes up to the road behind. It is cleared and ready for construction. We let the photos talk for the block.


Each block at Lapita over 1,200m2 is approved for construction. Zoned commercial/tourism and residential. Build up to 4 small villas on each block or two two bedroom. Holiday rental are quiet easy with on line booking gateways like Airbnb or Expedia.

For more information on our coronavirus free island paradise. Give us a call on Phone +678 5980005 WhatsApp and FaceTime  +678 5980005 Australia +61 (0) 2 8005 6358


Sitting on the same latitude as Port Douglas in Australia, across 1700 km of open Coral Sea, the same distance as Port Douglas is to Brisbane, is Vanuatu’s Aore Island. This is the heart of James Michener’s Adventures in Paradise. Arguably one of the most beautiful of all South Pacific islands, Aore is genuinely unique. Not only due to its unsurpassed natural beauty and pristine marine environment, but also the warm friendly smiles of the local Ni-Vanuatu people, the balmy tropical breezes and the wild native orchids.
Located in the northern Sanma Province and sitting at the foot of Vanuatu’s largest island, Espiritu Santo, Aore has a tropical ambience that words alone cannot describe: gently swaying palms; pristine white sandy beaches; luxuriant vegetation; tropical marine corals and, a myriad of colourful fish species. Added to this are sunsets that simply take your breath away.

The Bruat and Segond Channels narrowly separate Aore from the surrounding islands of Espiritu Santo, Malo and Tatuba. The land mass of Aore, roughly 11 kilometres in length and 9 kilometres at its widest point, has common origins with many islands throughout the South Pacific, volcanic uplift and later coral formations. Over time the corals continued to build and the land continued to rise from the sea. Wind, birds and ocean currents provided the seeds, high rainfall and warm temperatures making the environment conducive to growth and enabling the dense tropical vegetation to flourish.




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