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Make the move to Aore Island Vanuatu today

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When many people think of Vanuatu they think of the capital Port Vila and cruseships. 

What a most people don’t realise is Nothern Vanuatu and the Islands of Espiritu Santo and Aore are still an untouched paradise. Only 2.5 hours from Brisbane Australia via direct flight.

The capital of Northern Vanuatu Luganville has grown over the last 4 years to bustling little town. With every thing you need to live in Vanuatu. You no longer need to go Port Vila to get things done

  1. International Airport 
  2. All government agencies 
  3. Supper market and Hardware that would rival any small Australian coastal town
  4. An international school, that teaches an Australian curriculum 
  5. Toyota, Nissan and Isuzu deal ships and Machanic’s 
  6. High speed internet 

Basically everything you need to live in paradise or have your dream beachfront holiday home in Vanuatu.

The best beaches in Vanuatu are on Espiritu Santo and Aore Island. Keep in mind a beachfront block of land will only set you back AUD $140,000. A 1/10 the price of Australia.

What scares some people. Right I have my block of land on the beach. How do I build. The days of this been a scary thought are gone with some great local builds expat run and two new builders based out of Queensland that can build your holiday home to a fixed price and Australian standards.

More importantly it’s safe. In ever changing world Vanuatu is one the last un touched paradises and let’s not for get it’s truely beautiful place to live. 

Matthew Woon

Matthew Woon is a real estate agent based in Vanuatu. Matthew specialises in 1. Commercial real estate 2. Land subdivisions 3. Finance 4. Immigration 5. Project Management Call him to day on +678 5980005. WhatsApp and FaceTime use same number