Aore Island Vanuatu


Getting to Lapita Beach Aore Island is a lot easier then you may think. Lapita Beach Aore Island is quiet close to everything yet secluded for privacy and natural beauty.

International Airport 30 minutes

Luganville (Town).     15 minutes

Starfish Bar                 10 minutes

St Michel Landing      10 minutes

Freshwater Cafe         10 minutes

Aore Island Resort.     15 minutes

Ratua Island Resort.   15 minutes

There are direct flights to the main land Espiritu Santo from Brisbane and take just 2.5 hours or connecting fright from Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia and Hawaii.

Once in Santo it’s only 15 minute Taxi ride (AUD $15) to Star Fish Bar/Cafe from the airport. Where you meet your island long boat for the 10 minute trip down Segond Channel to Lapita Beach.


Sitting on the same latitude as Port Douglas in Australia, across 1700 km of open Coral Sea, the same distance as Port Douglas is to Brisbane, is Vanuatu’s Aore Island. This is the heart of James Michener’s Adventures in Paradise. Arguably one of the most beautiful of all South Pacific islands, Aore is genuinely unique. Not only due to its unsurpassed natural beauty and pristine marine environment, but also the warm friendly smiles of the local Ni-Vanuatu people, the balmy tropical breezes and the wild native orchids.
Located in the northern Sanma Province and sitting at the foot of Vanuatu’s largest island, Espiritu Santo, Aore has a tropical ambience that words alone cannot describe: gently swaying palms; pristine white sandy beaches; luxuriant vegetation; tropical marine corals and, a myriad of colourful fish species. Added to this are sunsets that simply take your breath away.

The Bruat and Segond Channels narrowly separate Aore from the surrounding islands of Espiritu Santo, Malo and Tatuba. The land mass of Aore, roughly 11 kilometres in length and 9 kilometres at its widest point, has common origins with many islands throughout the South Pacific, volcanic uplift and later coral formations. Over time the corals continued to build and the land continued to rise from the sea. Wind, birds and ocean currents provided the seeds, high rainfall and warm temperatures making the environment conducive to growth and enabling the dense tropical vegetation to flourish. For more information click here

Location map of Vanuatu

About Vanuatu

Vanuatu, a Y shaped archipelago of approximately 83 islands is situated in the south- western Pacific Ocean, about 1,750 kilometres east of Australia and 500 kilometres north- east of New Caledonia. The independent Republic of Vanuatu lies between latitude 13° to 23° S and longitude 166° to 172° E and has a total land area is approximately 12,200 square kilometres, the territorial waters cover around 450,000 square kilometres.
The climate varies considerably from tropical to subtropical depending upon exposure to trade winds, elevation and latitude. The northern region of the island chain is more tropical than in the south. The average midday temperature in Port Vila is 29°C in summer and 25°C in winter, while in Luganville, in the north, seasonal temperatures vary between 33°C in summer and 26°C in winter. Maritime influence and tropical south-east trade winds temper throughout the year. The annual average rainfall in variation ranges between 2,350mm in the south to 3,900mm in the north.


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